The body has its reasons

Antigym and self-awareness
Thérèse Bertherat,
in collaboration with Carol Bernstein
Healing Art Press

10 €

Your body has not forgotten anything. In the stiffness, in the inhibitions, in the muscular pains of your back, of your limbs, of your diaphragm and also of your face and genitals, your entire history is revealed, from birth to today. From the first months of your life, you have reacted to pressure: “Watch your posture. Don’t touch. Don’t touch yourself. . .”. You accommodated as best you could and in thus conforming, you deformed yourself. Liberate yourself from past programming. A woman tells you of her personal and professional experiences and suggests anti-exercise, not a forced shaping of your body/flesh, the body likened to a wild beast which must be broken, but movements that are conjured up from the past. It is through these that you will make a voyage backwards through your own life where you shall rediscover your true harmonious, balanced and autonomous body.