Discover your body   with Antigym

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Discover your body with Antigym

CD (63 min)
An introductory class featuring 7 movement sequences
Voice: Susan Barratt
Production : Marie Bertherat
Lexitis Editions

15 €

We all possess the power to feel good, to live in harmony in our body.
Try these simple Antigym® movements recommended by Marie Bertherat.

This Antigym® introductory class will help you understand, inhabit, and free your body. These precise and subtle movement sequences can be performed by anyone, regardless of age, and are extremely respectful of the physiology of the human body. Some movements may be difficult at first. You may even feel that the muscles that you are trying to contract feel so foreign that you do not know how to reach them. Do not worry or be hard on yourself if you are unable to do the movements. Sometimes it is more interesting to “fail” and discover what your body is not able to do, or has forgotten, or maybe what it doesn’t yet dare to do.

These movement sequences are opportunities to explore new territories, to discover new possibilities of movement, to awaken new parts of your body.

Sequence 1: When your hips converse with your feet
Sequence 2: When your back releases
Sequence 3: When your mouth breathes along with your back
Sequence 4: When your hand extends a warm welcome
Sequence 5: When your head is in the right place
Sequence 6: When your legs become lighter starting with your feet
Sequence 7: When your waist releases

The Antigym® introductory class is performed standing or lying on a carpeted floor, with a grapefruit-sized foam ball and a orange-sized foam ball. Material avalaible in this shop. 

This method is designed for healthy individuals. It should not be considered as a substitute for medical advice.